ESWN appears to have replied to my recent post on ESWN, Taiwan, and Apple Daily. I say “appear to” because he doesn’t actually link to my post, so I can’t make the strong claim. The comments on the latter post already discuss Roland’s reply. I have to say I was particularly taken with this defense of his position:

In the previous post Stories About Apple Daily, the point was that ‘lying rag’ known as Apple Daily happens to be among the market leaders in both Hong Kong and Taiwan. Either Apple Daily is doing something right, or else its readers are doing something wrong. With respect to the EastSouthWestNorth blog, are you the lone voice in the wilderness of stupid people, or are you the only person who is out of your mind? You can go and figure it out for yourself. Again, this is your problem and I don’t care. I am not going to let you change me.

As I contemplate the 40 minute commute to the university along never-a-dull-moment Han Hsi Hsi Rd. in eastern Taichung, I have to confess a certain sympathy with Roland’s claim that I am, indeed, out of my mind.