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Apple Daily

I can’t resist a short comment on ESWN. ESWN has been publishing a series of apologetics on why he uses a 100% Hong Kong-Chinese owned tabloid paper, Apple Daily, a foreign publication, to “represent” Taiwan, instead of a local paper. The latest screed in this purblind affair is a translation of a self-serving column from [...]

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Another Self-Centered Leavetaking of the DPP

This sad story came out yesterday…
A Democratic Progressive Party legislator yesterday announced his decision to quit the party, a move that not only leaves the DPP with fewer seats in the Legislature than the opposition Kuomintang but also exposes a crisis within the party just as its popularity has plunged to a record low.
But in [...]

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This week in Japan and the Asia Pacific

Although there’s nothing on Taiwan this week, there are two portenteous articles on Japan’s naval activities in the Indian Ocean, and there is one article on US pressure on Japan resulting from the diplomatic offensive to lay the ground for its upcoming attack on Iran….


H-ASIAMarch 30, 2006
This week in Japan and the Asia Pacific
From: [...]

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Shih Hsin U Language Center Position

This was posted to one of my email lists. This is not a full-time teaching job in a university, but with the affiliated “Language Center” that is an admin shell for teaching the general education ESL classes. All students must have two years of English regardless of major, and they need people to teach all [...]

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Religion Law in Taiwan

This appeared on H-Asia. Anybody know anything about this?
Query on religion law in TaiwanFrom: Philip Clartclartp@MISSOURI.EDU_
Dear colleagues,
updating an encyclopedia article on politics and religion in China & Taiwan. In the old version I had mentioned that during the 1990s efforts were under way in Taiwan to design a comprehensive law that would govern religious organizations [...]

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Another Pub Confirmed

It’s official — the revisions were accepted.
We are delighted to inform you that your manuscript entitled “Action Research on the Development of a Caring Curriculum in Taiwan: Part II,” manuscript #XXXXXX, has been accepted for publication as a major article in the Journal of Nursing Education. No substantive revisions are necessary, but your manuscript [...]

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Things to Do: Lily Festival

Those of you in Taipei looking for a little romance might want to check out the Lily Festival:
The 2006 Zhuzihu Calla Lily Festival (竹子湖海芋季) opened on Friday with more than 3 million lilies standing in a sea of flowers inviting visitors to come along and enjoy the spring on Yangmingshan. The season, which runs through [...]

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Jerome Keating: Pan-Blues and Justice

Jerome Keating, historian and gentleman, blogs on the insane assassination conspiracy theories of the KMT, and what they should really be doing:
Henry Lee the forensics expert from the United States is back in Taiwan to give a series of lectures. Lee known for his expertise in helping to solve crimes is no stranger to Taiwan [...]

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Reminder: April Meet-Ups in Taipei and Taichung

Maoman of Forumosa writes:It seems some Forumosans from middle earth (Taichung) are organizing a Happy Hour at Smooth on the evening of Wednesday April 5th. I don’t know if you guys can make it or not, but if you can I’d really like to meet you. There are some exciting developments at Forumosa [...]

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Ma Enigmatic on Cross-Strait Ties

Kathrin Hille at the Financial Times reports on Ma’s return to Taipei:
Back in Taipei on Wednesday, Mr Ma received thunderous applause from his own camp and biting criticism from the DPP. But the picture of what he stands for remains remarkably blurred.
Mr Ma conveyed the message that he would deal with cross-Strait relations in [...]

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Yahoo: N

STOP_George pointed me to this summary of the Newsweek article on the pandas I discussed earlier. It’s forgettable, but the first paragraph caught his attention:
While Beijing officials are trying to give two giant pandas to Taiwan as a goodwill gesture, Taiwan president Chen Shui-bian is urging his government to say no, believing it is another [...]

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China Military Build-Up Destabilizing Asia? Not really.

A Japanese think tank blames China’s military buildup for destablizing the region:
China’s growing military strength and its tense relationship with Taiwan are major destabilising factors in East Asia, according to a strategy report issued on Monday by a think tank affiliated with Japan’s Defence Ministry.
Ties between Japan and China are at their worst state in [...]

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Bush’s Imperial Folly Only Helping China

The Guardian published an article by Martin Jacques, currently at the University of Singapore, that echoes what I’ve been saying for the last three years: that Iraq signals the beginning of the decline of the US, and the rise of China. This will only make Taiwan’s situation more precarious.
The world is in the midst of [...]

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Pandablitz Continues in SF Chronicle

As Taiwan is making a decision on the pandablitz on April 3, China seems to have stirred up more media interest in this topic. The SF Chronicle has another installment…the piece is that highly slanted one from Mark Magnier at the LA Times that I ripped up a few days ago. I sent the LA [...]

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Taiwan to Open China Investment

The Financial Times reports:

Ms Tsai would not specify which industries she was referring to but Taiwanese companies have been waiting for years for the government to lift restrictions on mainland investments in sectors such as banking, petrochemicals and chip-packaging. Apart from sectoral bans, businesses are restricted by a ceiling that limits mainland investments by listed [...]

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