I can’t resist a short comment on ESWN. ESWN has been publishing a series of apologetics on why he uses a 100% Hong Kong-Chinese owned tabloid paper, Apple Daily, a foreign publication, to “represent” Taiwan, instead of a local paper. The latest screed in this purblind affair is a translation of a self-serving column from Apple Daily explaining why it is so popular…

So this was how Apple Daily (Taiwan) rose up. Actually, this is no big deal because it is simply following the ABC’s of independent western media. But in a politically polarized society of Chinese people, this small bit of independent spirit is enough to win.

It is truly droll to read this farrago of nonsense against the reality of Apple Daily. What is Apple Daily’s idea of the “independent western media?” Today’s paper featured a gigantic front page photo of a nude couple, with the woman’s erect nipple pointing proudly at the man. Erect nipples, blood-soaked corpses, and affairs that end badly: that’s how Apple Daily in Taiwan “genuinely get into the lives of the people.”

Pardon me, but I’m going to go out now and laugh my head off.