Those of you in Taipei looking for a little romance might want to check out the Lily Festival:

The 2006 Zhuzihu Calla Lily Festival (竹子湖海芋季) opened on Friday with more than 3 million lilies standing in a sea of flowers inviting visitors to come along and enjoy the spring on Yangmingshan. The season, which runs through April 16 at Zhuzihu (竹子湖), also includes a series of events ranging from a photography contest, guided ecological tours and small concerts. According to the Beitou Farmer’s Association, there are 25 farms open for visitors to pick flowers this year. Head of the association Wang Mao-song (王茂松) said trimming the stalks everyday and adding some ice cubes to the water would prolong the life of the flowers. The month-long festival is expected to attract around 500,000 visitors. Taipei City’s traffic department announced there would be vehicle restrictions between 9am and 5pm around the area on weekends throughout the duration of the festival. The department called on the public to take advantage of public transportation to avoid traffic jams.