Although there’s nothing on Taiwan this week, there are two portenteous articles on Japan’s naval activities in the Indian Ocean, and there is one article on US pressure on Japan resulting from the diplomatic offensive to lay the ground for its upcoming attack on Iran….

March 30, 2006

This week in Japan and the Asia Pacific

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Enclosed find the following articles from this week’s harvest:

Oda Makoto, Pak Kyongnam, Tanaka Hiroshi, William Wetherall & Honda Katsuichi, The Diene Report on Discrimination and Racism in Japan

Richard Tanter, Japan’s Indian Ocean Naval Deployment: Blue water militarization in a “normal country”

Asahi Shimbun, Japan’s New Blue Water Navy: A Four-year Indian Ocean mission recasts the Constitution and the US-Japan alliance

Asahi Shimbun and William Underwood, Minamata Disease at Fifty

Eric Johnston, The Iwakuni Referendum and the Future of the U.S. Military Base Realignment

Tony McNicol, Japan Gender Conflict Spark Censorship Debate

Inoue Yuichi, Dam shame: Tokyo and Kansai flush with water

Masaki Hisane, Shopping at the Village Stall: Japan’s new development initiative

Elaine Lies, US Asks Japan to Stop Iran Oil Development: Sankei Shinbun

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