I just ran across this interview. No time to comment.

Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian on Friday stressed his determination to draft a new constitution that would better suit Taiwan’s present situation.

“I’ll drive forward the formulation of a new constitution based on legal procedures,” Chen said during an exclusive interview with Kiichiro Harano, international news editor of The Yomiuri Shimbun, at his presidential office in Taipei.

The statement reflects his pro-independence stance and is sure to anger the Chinese government. On Monday, Chen abolished a policymaking body set up to study the issue of unification with China. He also scrapped 15-year-old symbolic guidelines on eventual unification.

“It’ll be difficult, but not impossible, to formulate a new constitution by 2008 [when my presidential term ends],” Chen said. By this, he meant that introducing a new constitution would depend on the results of a parliamentary election due at the end of 2007.