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Sunday, April 30, 2006, Taiwan Blog Round Up

Rain…rain…rain…rain. The Cruelest month is now the soggiest one. I’m feeling a mite claustrophobic. I think everyone was affected, as there doesn’t seem to have been much blogging this week. Here’s hoping to lift you out of the rainy doldrums and expand your mind with another collection of great stuff from the Taiwan blogs…

Since so [...]

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Lappin’ up the miles

I like to see it lap the miles,And lick the valleys up,And stop to feed itself at tanks;And then, prodigious, step
Around a pile of mountains,And, supercilious, peerIn shanties by the sides of roads;And then a quarry pare
To fit its sides, and crawl between,Complaining all the whileIn horrid, hooting stanza;Then chase itself down hill
And neigh like [...]

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Patriot Act for Taiwan

Buried in this article about US complaints regarding China’s refusal to permit Taiwan to participate in global anti-terrorist organizations I found this tidbit about the anti-American Patriot Act:
The report also noted that the Minister of Justice has drafted a new “antiterrorist action” law modeled on the US Patriot Act. The Executive Yuan is reviewing the [...]

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China Cannot Invade Taiwan, US will defend it

A visiting US Admiral said that China could not take Taiwan, and that the US will defend it.
China’s military capability is not sufficient to allow it to take over Taiwan by force, the former commander-in-chief of the US Pacific Command Admiral Dennis Blair said yesterday.
He made the remarks in a speech delivered at a forum [...]

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Hu a Hit In Kenya

During the 1980s I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Meru District, near the town of Kangeta, where the world’s best miraa is grown, doing my personal bit for US hegemony in Africa. Like so many people who visit the staggeringly beautiful land of Kenya, I still pine for my house on the equator from [...]

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Interview with former Member of Ministry of Justice, Investigation Bureau

Linda Arrigo sent me these notes from her interview with a former member of the Ministry of Justice who worked during the 1980s as an investigator. It gives a glimpse into a world of political intrigue and authoritarian control, corruption, arbitrary arrest and abuse of power, and the extraordinary capacity of humans for change. Linda [...]

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New Articles at Japan Focus

There’s nothing on Taiwan, but there is the usual collection of Japan and China stuff…including the Michael Klare article I talked about briefly last week (Klare: Containing China: The US’s real objective).
H-ASIAApril 28, 2006
This week in Japan and the Asia Pacific
From: mark selden
The following new articles were posted this week at Japan Focus.
Michael T. [...]

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Contest: Tell a Good Taiwan Tale, Win a Prize

Just got this in the mail:
Call for StoriesAre you crazy about Taiwan’s culture and can’t stop loving Taiwan? How do you love this island? Are you a Taiwanophile?
If you love Taiwan so much and you want to tell your story as a Taiwan fan, please write down your story in Traditional Chinese, Taiwanese, English or [...]

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Making it all Worthwhile…and Making Connections

Sorry about the hiatus. Traveling…
Once in a while you get a letter from a student that makes everything you do worthwhile…
It’s me again. There are a good news and bad news.
I think I’ll go for the bad news first.
Unfortunately, I didn’t pass the second stage of [grad school interview]. Making it worse was that [...]

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Help with Bubble Tea Cartoon

I have no time to blog at the moment — in fact, this week has been like being nailed to the castle wall and tortured by eunuch dwarves for the amusement of passers-by, but I did get this request…
I was wondering if you had an online image of the pamphlet/cartoon that Chen’s defense minister sent [...]

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Website on Exposing Menzies’ 1421

I have blogged on the bogus work 1421 in the past, and thought I’d alert readers to this new website by U of Singapore expert Geoff Wade:
H-ASIAApril 24, 2006
Creation of a website for the controversy regarding Gavin Menzies’sbook and related items
From: Geoff Wade
Dear H-Asia Listers,
As has probably been apparent to some on the [...]

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Taichung: Senior High School Position

I got this today:
Michael, if you know anyone who is interested in a junior high or senior high job in Taichung, please give them the following address to send a resume and cover letter:recruitment[AT]
Need a minimum of 2 years experience preferably in Taiwan, preferably in senior or junior high.Excellent package, including PAID vacations (3 months [...]

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Betel Nut Girl Videos

The Real Taiwan sent me a link to his blog, so I went and looked and saw an interesting pair of betel nut girl videos. The first is a few BNGs discussing their lives, the second, well, don’t show your kids….
[Taiwan] [Taiwan Blogs]
Related PostsDavid’s Betel Nut Girl PageThe Ultimate collection of Betel Nut Girl Links…Taiwan [...]

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More Problems with Taiwanese Investment in China

The last installment of this was the one from Lee Teng-hui discussing the problems of investment in China and how it has slowed Taiwan’s economic growth and worsened its income equality. This week’s talks about other issues…
In 1990, the differentiation of products exported to the U.S. by South Korea and of products exported to [...]

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The Vatican: A Test

WaPo reports today on the evolving decision by the Vatican to switch ties from Taiwan to China. This has become inevitable now that Taiwan has become a democracy. The interesting thing about this is not the rapproachment between two closely related forms of Authority-worship, Catholicism and Communism, but the hypocrisy with which I am certain [...]

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