Clyde Warden, a full professor at Chung Hsing who publishes regularly in top journals, and one of the most informed and perceptive observers of Taiwan, has organized a roundtable on blogging on The Beautiful Isle at NCKU in Tainan on April 22. I’ll be one of the discussants, along with Scott Sommers, who blogs regularly on the universities here, and Gordon Graham, who blogs on innovation, and popular local blogger Schee, who does not blog in English, and is thus not listed on my Taiwan blogroll. Looking forward to seeing some of you there!

UPDATE: Clyde posted in the comments below:

A map to the event can be downloaded here:
The train station is RIGHT next to the university, so it is very easy to get there. Just go out the BACK exit of the station, about one block down University RD and turn left into the campus through the main gate. Down about a block and on the right is the management building. We have some very nice facilities there, and the round table will emphasize interaction with our guests and the audience. There is no charge and the event is sponsored by the International MBA program at NCKU where we have a very diverse student body from many countries.