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Taipei Mayor Fun-n-games

The KMT machine continues to grind smoothly on, while the DPP appears to be unable to find its collective excretory orifice with a map and a flashlight. The Taipei Times reported yesterday that the DPP is still discussing who it might run for Taipei mayor in the upcoming election.
Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Chairman Yu Shyi-kun [...]

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Typhoon over Taichung

I grabbed some shots of the typhoon that blew across us last month. Here’s a good pic of the way the clean air driven by the typhoon leaves a clear view of the permanent haze of pollution over the city.

Just before it rains, the air is clean and still.

Rain on rooftops.

A wall of rain moves [...]

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Annexation/Status Quo/Independence Polling Data over Time

ESWN has a pointer to this graph showing different polls on independence and annexation. The graph is not shown in its entirety on the page, so you have to download it or display in a separate window to see it all.
[Taiwan] [China] [Taiwan Independence]
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Electricity Rates to go up in July

Taiwan’s electricity rates are headed up this summer…
Taiwan’s electricity tariffs will likely rise by 5.8% on average starting July 1, the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Vice Minister Hou Ho- shong said Monday.
The electricity and natural gas pricing committee under the ministry has agreed to adopt one of Taiwan Power Co.’s two proposals on [...]

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Taiwan Wine

My sister in law was so grateful for the emergency repairs I did on her computer this weekend that she sent me home with a bottle of red wine named Mollac. I looked it over and wondered that the country of origin was not proudly displayed on the label. Why? I suspect it’s because the [...]

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Arms Purchase: background info

This excellent essay on the arms purchase and Taiwan’s defense was posted to the Taiwan Forum discussion group. Very informative…
There are many, many reasons why I avoid casting blame for the special budget. If one did feel inclined, there’s enough to go around. Here’s a few things to consider:
– The Bush Administration released around [...]

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Partying in Hsinchu

Ran up to Hsinchu this weekend to hang out with the in-laws and visit my friend Michael Klein (Michael’s version of the visit is here).
Michael lives in an industrial area near Hsinchu, and like many such areas of Taiwan, there are large numbers of foreign workers from Thailand and the Philippines. Consequently a whole infrastructure [...]

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Great New Blog: the Bala Daily

The Bala Daily. Looks very promising. Here is their write-up of the recent Hankuang simulation of a PRC invasion of Taiwan:
The military has been holding the Han Kuang 22 (漢光 22, HK 22) exercises for the last week or so simulating a full scale PRC attack in 2012. For a long time, military exercises were [...]

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Nelson Report: Chen Screws up Again

The Nelson Report says that President Chen sent a five page letter to President Bush…
While officials directly involved refused comment on the letter, other sources confirm that it contained Chen’s personal explanation of the New Years Day speech which caused a furor over his proposed abolition of the National Unification Council. Poignantly, Chen is said [...]

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Excellent IPO

WANTED: Investment partner(s) for long-term growth project.WORKING TITLE: Incredible Parental Obligation (IPO) for Daughter’s BracesDESCRIPTION:Attractive investment in high-precision metalware with excellent long-term growth prospects. Some unruliness expected in short-term. No known enviromental issues despite regular emissions of effluents and some noise pollution. Primary investor is willing to share administrative authority, especially in short-term. Investors interested [...]

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June Swenson’s Meetup

Jerome Keating sends around the following:
To all,We will have our June meeting for breakfast as Swensen’s again–same venue as the last couple of times [MT: ADDRESS 9:30 am at the same place as last month; Swensen's #81 Keelung Rd. Sec. 2, Taipei.]. Saturday June 3rd. 9:30 amOur speaker will be Avron A. Boretz
Assistant Professor, Department [...]

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Exiting Blogging

I’ve decided that the Net has taken over my life, and I need to regain control. So expect a drastic drop in posting.
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Round up

No round up, too busy.
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WaPo on new Taiwan Security Strategy

The Washington Post has a good summary of the newly-released Taiwan security strategy.
In describing Taiwan’s security environment, Chen’s government compared the Chinese military to the Nazi war machine in World War II and asserted that China is bent on long-term military expansion that requires it to control Taiwan and the 100-mile-wide Taiwan Strait. In a [...]

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Ma and KMT corruption

If Ma Ying-jeou, the Chairman of the KMT, mayor of Taipei, and KMT fair-haired boy, has a weakness, it is the fact that the KMT’s longstanding links to local faction machines force him to endorse again and again individuals who appear to be slimy. Today’s Taipei Times has criticisms of Ma from the TSu for [...]

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