If Ma Ying-jeou, the Chairman of the KMT, mayor of Taipei, and KMT fair-haired boy, has a weakness, it is the fact that the KMT’s longstanding links to local faction machines force him to endorse again and again individuals who appear to be slimy. Today’s Taipei Times has criticisms of Ma from the TSu for supporting a candidate for mayor of Keelung whom Ma knew to have issues…

“Ma owes an apology to Keelung’s citizens, as they may have made the wrong decision to vote for Hsu because of Ma’s recommendation,” Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU) Legislator Chen Chien-ming (陳建銘) told a news conference. Chen vied with Hsu for the Keelung mayorship last year.

Hsu, who was re-elected last year, was indicted on charges of corruption by the Keelung District Prosecutors’ Office on Thursday.

The prosecutors said in the indictment that Hsu’s decision to buy a piece of land for the city’s bus park was made for his personal benefit.

“Ma should have known that Hsu had a problem of integrity, as Hsu was indicted before when Ma was justice minister. Ma should give Hsu a stern reprimand,” TSU Legislator David Huang (黃適卓) said.

People First Party (PFP) Legislator Liu Wen-hsiung (劉文雄), who also vied with Hsu in the election, also demanded Ma’s apology, saying that “citizens of Keelung were deceived by Hsu and Ma into thinking that Hsu would be a good mayor.”

“Integrity is a basic requirement for a public servant, but Hsu lacks even that,” Liu said.

The System is such that businessmen need to purchase politicians in order to make the system work. And thus, no matter who is in charge, the System goes on…

It will be interesting to see whether any of the KMT mud will eventually stick to Ma. He’s taken fire for his support of corrupt local candidates before, without ill effects. One funky comment here: The TSU politico alleges that Hu was indicted before Ma was Justice Minister. That was in the early 1990s…the wheels grind slow around here!