The Chinese language has been full of reports on the progress of the man who apparently murdered his Vietnamese wife in an insurance scheme. Taiwan News has the buzz:

The case of a train derailment in March took a dramatic twist yesterday when prosecutors found new evidence against two brothers who are suspected of orchestrating the accident that left the younger brother’s Vietnamese wife dead. The police yesterday ruled out the possibility that the death of Chen Shi Sheng-hong, the Vietnamese wife of Lee Shuang-chuan, was caused by external force, saying that she was perhaps poisoned shortly after the accident.

According the police, Chen Shi died of massive internal bleeding hours after the March 17 accident.

Witnesses said they saw Lee Shuang-chuan giving Chen Shi injections after dragging her to a bathroom near the scene of the accident on the day of the derailment, the police disclosed.

The police also disclosed that traces of Etumine, a strong sedative mainly administered to patients with mental illness, were detected in Chen Shi’s body during autopsy. The presence of the drug gave rise to a new line of thought, as the woman was apparently emotionally healthy prior to her death.

The bizarre case, in which the husband apparently derailed not one but three trains in attempts to kill his wife for money, made headlines when the police released incorrect financial information about the alleged killer during the investigation, grossly violating his privacy.

The Chinese language media has also reported that the suspect’s brother has opened a blog which he uses to taunt the police, and that the woman had been severely beaten prior to boarding the train.

UPDATE: ESWN has a piece on the brother’s blog.