A new poll out from Commonwealth, though unscientific, does give some indication of the state of singlehood among the island’s females.

Modern Taiwanese women seem to be increasingly nonchalant about marriage, with more than 70 percent having toyed with the idea of remaining single. About 40 percent of them, both married and single, fancy having more than one lover and almost ten percent have had that experience, according to a poll by Common Health magazine.

According to the magazine 7.7 percent of all married women who responded to the survey have had more than one lover, but 80 percent of them still believed in true love and accordingly were still waiting for their “Mr. Right,” and refused to make any compromises in the search.

I often tease my students about their dating habits, for they date one man and stick with him for years…..

“How old are you Tammy?
“How long have you been going out with your boyfriend?”
“Three years.”

….but when they go to Sogo, they try on fifty before they find the right one, I’ll tell them. But teacher, comes the reply. Men are more important than shirts. Just so, I say, which is why you should date a few of them to find out what a good man is. A large number of my students seem to be resigning themselves to never having a man, and another sizeable component is living with their boyfriend, although few admit it. But for your foreign men, there are lots of single women in their 20s and 30s with jobs, good English, and searching for Mr. Right.