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Taiwan Air Force Blog

I don’t have time for much blogging today — famous last words! — but Wei-Bin Chang sent me a link to his blog on the Taiwan Air Force, read by many foreigners. I love blogs on specific topics, and this one is chock full of info and cool pics of expensive machinery. I’ll definitely be [...]

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Eating Crow on Ma?

Yesterday I wrote:
The point is that Ma has been doing the Ma Shuffle (one step forward, one step back, 180 degree turn left, 180 degree turn right. Repeat) over and over again throughout his tenure as leader and nobody really seems to mind. I have not heard any negative remarks about him among the public. [...]

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House Lifts Restrictions on US Official Travel to Taiwan

US conservatives continue to support Taiwan. The House lifted the travel restrictions on trips to Taiwan, although I expect the Senate to restore them…
THE US House of Representatives has voted overnight to lift decades-old restrictions limiting contacts American government officials can have with Taiwan.
With little debate, the House approved the measure in an amendment to [...]

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Exhibit to Showcase Religious Diversity and Tolerance in Taiwan

A Science and Technology exhibition is going to highlight religious diversity and tolerance here on the Beautiful Isle:
The National Science Council (國科會) yesterday introduced a religion component of the upcoming 2006 Science and Technology Expo, which will highlight the diversity of faith and religious tolerance in Taiwan.
According to the Ministry of the Interior, as [...]

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Life Goes On

Lots of great posts around the English TaiBlahggers (Wandering to Tamshui, David at Jujuflop, The Foreigner, and Maddog). Most everyone seems to think that this affair has worked out in favor of Anette Lu, the Vice President, and James Soong, and has been a blot on Mayor Ma’s record, as he keeps reversing himself. [...]

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Great New Blogs on the Roll

Updated with two blogs with really great photos today as I was updating my blogroll. First, photogale, blog of an expat living in Tamshui, who writes in verse and posts excellent pics. Next, Formosa Birding, with absolutely stunning pics of birds. I’ve shamelessly stolen the pic above from that blog; it’s full of similarly beautiful [...]

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Chen Apologizes for KMT Instability Policies?

Forbes reports that instead of pointing out what a colossal waste of time the recall motion was, and reminding the public who is really screwing up Taiwan, the President apologized:
President Chen Shui-bian apologized to the nation for the scandals dogging his administration and called for political dialogue after surviving a parliamentary vote to oust him.
‘In [...]

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Chen Recall Fails

Chinese language news services are reporting that, as expected, the motion to recall President Chen has failed. 119 votes for recall, 14 abstentions, and 88 no-shows are the numbers listed on the Liberty Times website. Now the Carnival of Idiots is going to focus on recalling the premier. When the KMT is finished by September, [...]

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Blogging Return

Well, I can’t stop — enjoy it too much, and been sitting around the computer A LOT lately doing editing work and making up grades. This summer I have an uninterrupted vista of 10 weeks of vacation. So the forecast is for heavy blogging again. Hope you find something useful in it!
Related PostsBlogging DepressionFor those [...]

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Conservative Attitudes Toward Taiwan

In the US Conservatives and right-wingers are so far out in front of progressives on the Taiwan issue it is frightening. The Korea Liberator, a conservative blog contributed to by the senior foreign policy fellow at the right-wing anti-science Discovery Institute, blogged on the issue of conservatives and Taiwan (inspired by this article from the [...]

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Wireless networks in Taiwan

My friend the sculptor Joel Haas pointed out two recent articles in the NYTimes on wireless networks in Taiwan. The first:
What if They Built an Urban Wireless Network and Hardly Anyone Used It?By Ken Belson
Peter Shyu, an engineer, spends most of his day out of the office, and when he needs an Internet connection he [...]

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Rotten Vegetable Time

Today I am swamped with grades and editing work. Enjoy this bad joke courtesy of my father…
A little boy goes to his father and asks “Daddy, how was I born?” The father answers: “Well son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway!
Your Mom and I first got together in a chat [...]

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DPP and the Recall

As David at jujuflop pointed out a while back, dissolving the legislature may provoke a serious governmental crisis in Taiwan. Yesterday the Taipei Times published a commentary from a DPP insider on the problems this is likely to create for the parties, and the advantages that will accrue to the KMT.

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Skulking in the Boy’s Room

Our department meetings are always memorable for the maddening nonsense that can come up, and our most recent one was a perfect example. It seems that a number of the male teachers, including your trusty writer, have encountered the problem of female night school students using the men’s bathroom while they themselves are in it. [...]

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US Opposes Taiwan Missile Plan

A Taipei Times article on the US attempt to make Taiwan end its missile programs has been making the rounds:
The US is troubled by Taiwan’s efforts to build missiles to defend itself against a Chinese attack and may pressure Taipei to cancel indigenous missile programs, according to a report in the latest edition [...]

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