In the US Conservatives and right-wingers are so far out in front of progressives on the Taiwan issue it is frightening. The Korea Liberator, a conservative blog contributed to by the senior foreign policy fellow at the right-wing anti-science Discovery Institute, blogged on the issue of conservatives and Taiwan (inspired by this article from the Weekly Standard):

I repeat myself, but I will state again, clearly and unequivocally. This is a most dangerous time for Taiwan’s independence. The old consensus on Taiwan in Washington, especially among Republicans is fracturing. The business-wing of the Republican Party has become pro-China engagement and is willing to sacrifice Taiwanese independence to maintain the Sino-American economic relationship.

The conservative base of the GOP remains strongly anti-PRC and pro-Taiwan in its instincts, but the political attention of the base is fixated on issues considerered more pressing (e.g. illegal immigration, the Iraq War, the larger — so-called — War on Terror, Iran, etc.). It is hard enough to get its attention on North Korea. Taiwan, as an issue, is increasingly disappearing from their perspective. This trend will only compound if the likes of Ma came to power and took Taiwan further into the PRC’s fold (”Why should we work to keep Taiwan free when they seem to be so cozy with China?” They will say).

I participate in an ongoing meeting of security-minded conservative individuals and groups in Washington, D.C. I can count the number of times North Korea was mentioned in the meetings over the past year with one hand. With Taiwan, the number is closer to zero. Since American conservatives remain the staunchest friends Taiwan has in the world, this should be a disturbing trend… if you are a freedom-loving Taiwanese.

Hopefully I’ll be able to blog at Dailykos, perhaps the leading progressive blog, and one of the most popular blogs on the internet, on the conservative/progressive Taiwan problem later this week.