Bet you don’t think about oil much, but we import quite a bit here on The Beautiful Isle. Taiwan’s imports of oil surged this spring, according to the government.

Taiwan consumed 4.0 million kiloliters or 25.15 million barrels of oil products in April, up 10.43% on year, the Bureau of Energy said in its latest monthly report.

Oil used for power generation continued to show the largest increase, rising 56.4% to 392,896 kiloliters from April 2005, the government said. Non-energy related oil consumption fell 7.6% to 135,375 kiloliters.

The island imported 31.63 million barrels of crude oil in April, down 5.0% on year from 33.28 million barrels, mainly due to repairs at Formosa Petrochemical Corp.’s (6505.TW) refinery, the bureau said.

Imported petroleum products surged 99.5%on year to 1.14 million kiloliters in April. This was mainly because some petrochemical plants ended their annual maintenance periods seven to 10 days earlier than scheduled, sharply increasing their naphtha demand, the Bureau of Energy said.

Taiwan actually does produce some oil domestically (there’s oil in Miaoli), the vast majority is imported, the 2 biggest sources being Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.