Jerome Keating sends around the news of the August meeting:


To all,

We will have our August meeting at breakfast time again; meet at the Swensen’s on Keelung Road [right near the McDonald's south of Taipei 101] where we have met previously at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday August 5th.

As a special topic this time we will have Donald Rodgers, a professor at Austin College in Sherman Texas talk about the international studies program at his school.

Austin College is a very progressive liberal arts college;

Don will broadly discuss teaching international politics in the US with a specific focus on teaching about Asia and even more specifically Taiwan.

In their International Relations program they attempt to give the students a blend of classroom learning with experiential learning. They discuss theory and cases in the classroom and then try to get students out there working in internships or conducting field research in the region of their choice. They have students doing research and internships across the United States and the globe. (My daughter who is a grad of Austin College and a French major did a project in Quebec City and her junior year in Lyon France) Don promotes study about and in Taiwan; one of his students was at our last presentation on Martial Arts,

It will be a good opportunity to hear Don talk on his work and to share your work and ideas with him.