Jerome Keating has the announcement:


To all,

In July, the breakfast club will go evening to give you a chance to meet some of the members who just can’t seem to make it up in those morning hours.

Date Friday July 7th.

Time 7 pm–9 pm and afterwards

Place: The Shannon
This pub is at 6 Tunhua (Dunhua) North Road. It is next to Dan Ryan’s Grill and about a block south of the corner of Tunhua and Nanking E. Rd. It is also across the street from the new baseball/sports stadium. Phone is 2772-0948.

Topic: Martial Arts in Taiwan as participated in by ex-pats. Scott Summers will talk about Mixed Martial Arts (How can a nice guy who blogs about education get violent?) and Brian Kennedy (legal expert, well given lawyers’ reputations they better know martial arts) will talk on Classical Martial Arts. Each will talk about 15 minutes and Q & A are welcome.

The Shannon offers a variety of shall we say refreshments, as well as snacks and meals. Everyone buys their own of course.

When you arrive go to the back room (if you have a lawyer speaking you have to have a back room deal–just joking Brian) which can be curtained off.

For those that want to stay on a house band will play at 10pm.