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July 13, 2006

Identifying cultural elites in contemporary China, Hong Kong and
Taiwan — request for input
From: Jui-shan Chang

Dear Members,

I plan to undertake a comparative research project which investigates how the cultural elites in contemporary Chinese societies make sense of, and give direction to, rapid social change. I am particularly interested in how they filter and redefine global, and particularly Western, influences to suit envisioned regional and national cultural ideals.

Accordingly I want to identify, and make contact with, a range of cultural policy makers, ‘gatekeepers’ and innovators. I would appreciate any recommendations or referrals regarding any of the following categories of cultural elites in contemporary mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

1. Cultural policy makers:
Government officials are of course essential in this context. I plan to interview officials within agencies dealing with Culture, Education, Ethnicity/Minority Commission and Diaspora Chinese. I will focus on how specific social and cultural problems within their jurisdiction are to be managed relative to official views.

2. Cultural moderators/modulators/gatekeepers:
This sector of cultural elites includes principals of elite schools, editors or commentators of major newspapers and popular magazines, and intellectuals such as vice chancellors in the elite universities. I will focus on the current problems or cultural issues that require judgements about the appropriateness of certain traditional and Western values, and which specific values they see as important for
younger generations.

3. Avant garde innovators:
This sector includes influential writers, artists, film producers, intellectuals, innovators in industry or business, and ‘bloggers’. I will be exploring what differences they wish to see regarding a modern Chinese culture in the future, compared to the culture they see now.

Look forward to your feedback and thank you very much in anticipation.


Jui-shan Chang
Sociology Program
University of Melbourne
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