Bill Stimson, whose workshops on dreams and writing many people find inspiring, is hosting a workshop in Taipei on Aug 20. Jerome Keating passed around the news:


To all,

Bill Stimson has generously offered to give a writer’s dream workshop for those who write in English (You don’t have to be American, British, etc. you can be any nationality, you just have to write in English) to promote a group of writers in Taiwan to put our place on the map via the Kyoto Journal.

The benefit will be for us and the Kyoto Journal. Let me use some of Bill’s words.

Anl-day dream group workshop in Taipei on August 20th, Sunday. The price is NT$1,400, the price of a one year subscription to the Kyoto Journal. Each person who attends gets the one year subscription. Each check should be made out to Kyoto Journal, and should contain the individual’s mailing address.

What we really want are writers, creative people, individuals who might be interested in writing for the Kyoto Journal, the best English language magazine in Asia. We want to give a voice to Taiwan that gets to Japan and the world. Also, we want to create on the island here a community of English-language writers who connect by means of this top quality world-class journal. With their subscription they can see what kinds of things are getting published and find their way in with what they have to contribute.

It’s a dream workshop so we want people interested in dreams, curious about their own dreams, and who care to learn how to work with dreams using the experiential dream group process. This process helps to open up one’s inner creativity and deepen one’s connection with the creative unconscious. It’s very useful for writers and artists.

The subscrition to the Kyoto Journal and the dream workshop will go good together and help strengthen the creative community of English writers here in Taiwan.

The workshop will be small, six to twelve people maximum. So if too many people are interested we’ll arrange a second on another day. Enrollment in this one will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.
The venue will be at Yang Ming University in Taipei, unless we can find a more suitable place.

Also, Bill who lives in Taichung will need a place to crash so if anyone has some extra space, please let him know.

For more details etc. contact Bill at
You can go to his website for more infor on dreams etc.

From my side, I took a two-day dream workshop from Bill two years ago in Taichung. Though I have always been a writer, I had two dreams that I still remember and one of them was analyzed in the group. I will credit that workshop as releasing, or unleashing (if one might say) a part of me that has resulted in among other things the website I have and my recent book, “Taiwan, the Struggles of a Democracy.”

I recommend it highly. Besides, you get a year’s subscription to the Journal to boot.


I’ve met Bill, a talented and friendly man whose own writing is excellent. The workshop is sure to be good.