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Household Incomes stagnant

Statistics released this month by the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting, and Statistics (DGBAS) show why the public is angry at “graft” in the Chen Administration. The President is the object of inchoate public ire because household incomes have remained stagnant over the last decade at least, and the gap between rich and poor is [...]

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Taiwan to buy US F-16s?

Numerous reports have been circulating in the media in recent months that Taiwan is planning to buy F-16s from the US. Yesterday the Ministry of National Defense (MND) announced that it would put a request for more aircraft in the budget:
The Ministry of National Defense (MND) said yesterday that it has proposed a budget [...]

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Protecting "our" females

Recently there has been a miniflap about a professor in China and his vituperative reaction to the Shanghai Sex blog, chroncled at ESWN (original post, further info) and Peking Duck and several other major China blogs. ESWN has a list of related links:

The Chinese Waiter Hongkie Town Redux
Sex, [...]

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Tripping to Tainan

My son captures me posing.

Yesterday I had occasion to trip down to Tainan. A gorgeous day and ultra clean train windows enabled another picture taking session, as well as some good dad-son photography bonding.

The Japanese-period train station in Tainan.

The wall outside the Chih Kan Lou.
After taking care of some business in the morning, my son [...]

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Daily Links, Aug 28, 2006

Lots of stuff flowing out of the Taiwan blogs today…
Wulingren blogs on a sneaky marketing tactic by a beer maker in Taiwan Dragon Well Beer
Initechnology hikes to Bitan and reveals new route. Great images….
Wild at Heart needs your John Hancock on the HuShan Dam petition…
Taiwanonymous discovers sausage on a bone, the latest in…er..innovative fast food [...]

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Taiwan and Japan Warm to Each Other

One of the most important developments of the last few years has been the steady movement of Taiwan and Japan toward each other, impelled by the geostrategic logic of responding to an expansionist China gunning to become a regional power and annex Taiwan. Rueters has a review of the longtime Taiwanese love affair with Japan [...]

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Taiwan Review: No Bridging the Divide

Taiwan Review offers a review of China-Taiwan relations over the years….ending with a comparison of the respective positions of Chen and Ma on cross-strait relations….
In April, President Chen Shui-bian met with Kuomintang Chairman and Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou at the Office of the President to exchange opinions on various subjects. Excerpts of their views on [...]

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Large collection of old Taiwan photos

The new blog Initechnology has a great collection of old Taiwan pics taken from all over the web. He writes:
Welcome to my collection of Taiwan Images. This collection represents several years worth of surfing and digging for anything relating to Taiwan history. There are currently 919 images on my server taking up 76mb of disk [...]

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Critter Pics Again!

I know you’ve been starved for some critter pics as I laze the summer away in front of the computer….so here are a few I’ve shot recently.
Shooting squirrels is tough…low light, constant movement, plenty of things in the way. Here’s the best shot I have of a red-bellied tree squirrel.

The antennae on this tiny fellow [...]

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ESWN: Wang Wen-yi = Ting Wan-ming

Burakov: You think that a man is what he says.Fetisov: He is, if he talks for a living.
There are times I wish ESWN would stick to his usual tabloid recipe of tits and ass, true crime, and translations of blogposts on Chinese villagers being beaten up by gangsters trying to steal their land….The other [...]

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Daily Links, August 27, 2006

A still day on the internet. Lots of fun up in Taipei with protest and counterprotest.

The Bushman gets up close and personal with some wind power generators. Here too.
ESWN has story of UDN reporter who was demoted after a political outburst at President Chen.
Taiwanonymous finds that the most well-known expat among the locals isn’t [...]

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Daily LInks, August 25, 2006

Sweet and creamy stuff today….

Hardly did I complain yesterday about the possibility of violence arising over the Shih Ming-te protest, when a minor incident broke out on a TV talk show in which a Shih supporter attacked a Chen supporter. Jason at Wandering to Tamshui has the call, along with video. (Taiwanecho pointed me [...]

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Syd Goldsmith’s Book now available in Taiwan

Syd Goldsmith emailed me to say that his first novel is now available in Taiwan through Bookman Books. Bookman’s blurb notes:
When Taiwanese millionaire Ko-sa Ong shows up in Washington with Jade Phoenix by his side, Nick Malter, his best friend, and his [...]

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High Noon for Shih Ming-te

“…They imagine they are the wave of the future, but it’s only sewage flowing downhill”
I have to admit there is absolutely no joy in watching Shih Ming-te’s public meltdown. It lacks even the fascination of peering at a wound that leaves the bone exposed — it is more like watching a wounded animal die, caught [...]

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New Novel by Lobbyist looks at US/China war over Taiwan

Wulingren, posting at Taiwan Matters!, pointed to this review of a new novel about a US-China clash over Taiwan.

That’s what you get in The Mandarin Club, a post-Cold War novel of espionage, diplomacy, politics, lobbying and what-if.
What if the long-simmering dispute between the Chinese Communist government and Taiwan - the one determined to end Taiwan’s [...]

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