Sweet and creamy stuff today….

  • Hardly did I complain yesterday about the possibility of violence arising over the Shih Ming-te protest, when a minor incident broke out on a TV talk show in which a Shih supporter attacked a Chen supporter. Jason at Wandering to Tamshui has the call, along with video. (Taiwanecho pointed me to a more high quality version)
  • I make a few pointed comments on the lack of vision and elitism of Lung Ying-tai’s writing on Shih and Chen over at Taiwan Matters!.
  • Doubting to Shuo talks about resigning and moving on. Sounds like you have a great school there, Mark.
  • Ni Howdy points to the new teaching regs for cram school teachers over at Tealit.
  • Brian David Phillips, hypnotist, professor, blogger, gives a show tonight at the Farmhouse.