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    Finally got around to updating my blogroll today. I still have to remove a passel of dead blogs and add a few more…. but added:

    Life In Taiwan. La Vie Au Taiwan


    Tim in Taiwan

    Here in Taiwan


    Also added this blog of a US consular official in Taiwan, just fresh from a stint in my other favorite country, India. I met him the other day and can vouch: he’s knowledgeable, observant, acutely intelligent, and a pleasure to talk to.

    I arrived in Taiwan two months ago today. Just like in Chennai, I’m doing a two-year tour here as a consular officer. And just like Chennai, it is a very high volume post. I thought long and hard about that when I bid for this position. By the time I’m done here, I will have spent my first four years in the Foreign Service doing primarily visa work, and I’m not even consular-coned. In the end, I decided that the most important thing was to get back into a Chinese-speaking society. Three years of law school and two years in India have all taken a toll, particularly in reading comprehension. But my ability to express myself has suffered as well. Spicygirl and I have always spoken mostly Chinese at home, however it’s of the mundane variety. Maybe I’m looking at the past through rose-colored lenses, but about ten years ago I seem to recall being able to engage in a much more sophisticated level of discourse. When I last lived in Taiwan back in 1993, dreamed primarily in Chinese. As someone who has always loved this language for its own inherent beauty, that was a great place to be.

    Personal note: El Spencer, if you see this, my link to your blog isn’t working…can you send me the new one?

    ANYONE: Also, is my feed broken?