I can’t do a Sunday blog roundup. I just won’t have time this fall, since I am starting a PHD program here, and teaching full time. But I think I can manage a few daily links every couple of days, more or less randomly selected from around the Taiwan blogosphere…I think I’ll set a limit of five links.

  • Sun Bin notes that Taiwan has lost another diplomatic ally, the flip-flopping Chad. The KMT complained yesterday that Taiwan should stop blaming China for its diplomatic setbacks. ROFL. I’ll be posting on this later today or tomorrow. All the Taiwan focus misses out on who really lost in that switch from Taiwan to China.
  • Taiwan blogger The Levitator has a great post on the band Chthonic. (And don’t miss my man Maddog’s pointer to a blatant China Times lie on Freddy’s alleged signing of the online petition).
  • Wild at Heart blogs on the Beitou cable car corruption case.
  • Formosa Birding has a set of absolutely gorgeous photographs about Hehuan Mountain.
  • Rank points out that providing servants for Chiang Kai-shek’s widow cost the government $1 billion. No wonder the public is pissed, eh?
  • Also, I am saddened that David at jujuflop is leaving Taiwan. I’ll miss his sensible and surehanded writing.