Those of you who want to experience the joy the pro-China forces are feeling over Chen’s alleged penny-ante corruption may read ESWN’s translation of an article by Nan Fang-shuo, the mainlander writer whose confused nonsense I dissected here last year, in Ming Pao, the conservative Hong Kong rag.

When powerful people get involved in illegal activities, they usually have layer upon layer of firewalls to ward off everything. … This “theory of firewall” can be applied to the corruption cases in Taiwan. For more than one year, there have been a series of corruption cases related to Chen Shui-bian or the Office of the President Most of these past corruption cases involved complicated processes. As long as someone involved in the process accepts responsibility, then that person becomes the firewall. Even if Chen Shui-bian had been connected to the cases, the cases won’t reach him. In the Kaohsiung kickback case, the Chen Yu-hao political donation case plus a bunch of insider stock trades from the Office of the President, the former deputy secretary-general Chen Che-nan served as the firewall. The case of the Taiwan Development Corporation and its syndicated loan had the president’s son-in-law Chao Chien-ming as the firewall. The SOGO gift voucher case and corporate board meddling cases that involved the president’s wife Wu Shu-chen had the president’s doctor Huang Fang-yen as the firewall. Because of these firewalls, Chen Shui-bian remained safe. Since these corruption cases do not touch Chen Shui-bian himself, the Democratic Progressive Party people can fool themselves by supporting Bian for seemingly good reasons.

But now the so-called special state affairs expenses have emerged and the corruption cases in Taiwan have entered a new phase:

First, the so-called “special state affairs expenses” are expenses that are authorized by the President. Its use and verification are spelled out by law. Chen Shui-bian is the principal. This means that there is no firewall and there is no one else to blame.

Assuming, of course, that Nan’s presentation is actually a correct account. As we saw in the other piece ESWN selected, Nan’s grip on the facts is somewhat….selective. I decided to run some searches at ESWN and amazingly, couldn’t find anything on the US$400 million corruption and murder case involving the Lafayette frigates now under investigation as well — a far more serious case involving the entire conservative mainlander power structure, Taiwan’s defense policy, and much of the history of the last 15 years.

There’s a reason it is so difficult to take conservative Chinese writers seriously when they talk about corruption in Taiwan…..