NY Yankee pitcher Wang Chien-ming yesterday sent around an open letter saying he would no longer accept media interviews with Taiwanese media. All I can say is: it’s about time.

Wang was referring to the behavior of the Taiwanese media following an interview with the New York Times, which was published on Aug. 13.

During the interview, Wang revealed that he had been adopted. In the following days, Taiwanese media went into overdrive covering Wang’s family, with dozens of TV and print reporters descending on Wang’s hometown of Tainan and stalking his family members for interviews, which enraged Wang.

“Due to the stress suffered by my family in Taiwan, I have made the difficult decision of refusing to accept any more interviews by members of the Taiwanese media, until further notice,” the letter said, which was published on the front page of the Chinese-language United Evening News yesterday.

The letter was issued by Wang’s agent, Alan Chang (張嘉元), yesterday from the US, and it was written in English.

Chang said that Wang is a mild person, and his decision was made to protect his family. He said the Yankees were supporting Wang’s decision and would offer all possible assistance necessary

The media’s habit of stalking people here is shameful. I hope more celebrities put their foot down to put a stop to this nonsense.

UPDATE: ESWN links to the Prez’s daughter abusing reporters for following her around every day.

Q: Who are you shopping for? Yourself or someone else?
A: For your home!

Q: Are you moving back to your home on Minsheng East Road, or are you staying at the President’s Residence?
A: At your home!

Q: …
A: You people follow me around everyday. How can I not be angry? How about a little bit of human rights, alright?

A few weeks ago I saw a TV exclusive, where reporters had followed Chao Chien-ming, the President’s son-in-law, into restricted areas of the hospital, harassing him as he tried to work.

UPDATE: Peter Wilds forwarded me his letter to the Taipei Times on the media frenzy surrounding a critically-injured gangster rushed to the hospital amid crazed shoving and pushing by reporters.