H-Asia has a pointer to Japan Focus, with new articles on China, Japan, and Northeast Asia, every week. The articles are all interesting, except for the scandalously uninformed piece by James Carroll on the Nagasaki Bomb.


This Week in Japan and the Asia Pacific
From: mark selden (ms44@cornell.edu)
The following new articles have been posted at Japan Focus.

James Carroll, The Nagasaki Principle
David McNeill, Selective Pain: Contemporary Japan and Media Obsession
Matsubara Hiroshi and William Underwood, Japan Foreign Minister’s Visit to POW Remembrance Service Backfires
Christopher Reed, The United States and the Japanese Mengele: Payoffs and Amnesty for Unit 731 Scientists
Hisane MASAKI, Japan Joins the Energy Race in Central Asia
Kanno Yusuke, Sasaki Manabu and Inada Shinji, What Price Security? Japan, Britain and the threat of terrorism
Sheng Li Jun, China in Southeast Asia: The Limits of Power
Michael Casey, Asia Embraces Nuclear Power: at what cost?
Furuya Koichi, From Backwater to Powerhouse. China’s northeast and Northeast Asia on a roll

You can find these, and more than 600 others, at http://japanfocus.org