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Sucide and the Media: a filmmaker and an NGO join hands

A new effort is being made to attack Taiwan’s appalling suicide rate, and to stop the media from sensationalizing suicide for its political goals. Suicide rates here are just under twice those in the US….
Official figures showed that suicide has been one of the top ten causes of death for the last eight years, with [...]

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Bradsher’s NYT Article on the Faux Protests in Taipei

Keith Bradsher, the New York Times reporter, had an important article on the Shih Ming-teh protests the other day in the New York Times. This article represents a significant improvement over recent articles in other major publications, including the Washington Post (discussed here) and the Economist (The Economist Misses a Chance).
While Bradsher teases the reader [...]

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China already warns Abe

The Japan Times reports that incoming Japanese Prime Minister Abe has already been warned by China not to get too close to Taiwan.
China has warned Japan’s new government over its Taiwan policy, reiterating its opposition to including the island in the scope of the Japan-U.S. security alliance and urging Tokyo to act with caution over [...]

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Daily Links, Sept 30, 2006

For you WWII buffs out there, this week saw the passing of Tokyo Rose…and plenty going on around the blogs…

Global Voices Online has a collection of Chinese-language bloggers writing on the pan-Blue marches around the country (today Shih Ming-teh brings his made for media show to Taichung). Good stuff
Mutantfrog fantasizes about the Beast of Ketegalen.
Parts [...]

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Why Does Everyone Want to Be a Politician?

Why is there a “corruption” problem in Taiwan? Well, probably because corruption is perfectly legal. Recently, Chiu Yi and other Blues have been attacking President Chen, alleging that he has pocketed expenditures from a special slush fund erected for national intelligence purposes. Chen’s response was that he only had to provide receipts for half the [...]

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tongyong pinyin haters: you are all colonialist shits

Any foreigner who has been in Taiwan any length of time has surely noticed Taiwan’s insanity-inducing mix of systems for romanizing Chinese. In response to this mess, the government decided to spend ten years inventing yet another romanization system, tongyong pinyin, even though there are a number of extant systems that are perfectly acceptable. Again, [...]

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Why everybody hates politics

Those citizens operating in a “plague on both houses” mode were offered plenty of ammo this week as the Blues launched another attack on the Presidency, which isn’t going to be successful, after which they promised to destroy the government by bringing down the premier, and Persident Chen Shui-bian responded to his critics by calling [...]

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Night over Taichung

I’ve been experimenting with the C-770s superior night photo capabilities. Here are a few shots of Taichung I took from the university.

By night…

…and by day.

Looking west, with Tatu Mountain in the upper right. At upper left, the string of lights is the new highway.

A detail from the previous shot.
Related PostsThe Torch is PassedI did it. [...]

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Notes from a PHD Campaign

Meanwhile, now in the second week of getting a PHD down south, I’ve compiled a few observations:
1. My back hurts from riding scooters.
2. I have no trouble with the Chinese in human resource management or international marketing management. But put in me in statistics and I’m the dog in the Far Side cartoon: yak yak [...]

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Taiwan Malaise

Richard at Peking Duck comments on the widespread perceptions of Taiwan’s decline among locals.
And yet, talk to anyone here and there is a tone of resignation and reticence. Taiwan’s glory days are over. The only place to be is China. Taiwan’s markets can only contract, including its job market. And yet, even in the face [...]

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Media Fun for the Day

Gosh, I’d sure like to blog about something other than politics, but it seems the papers are full of that…a reader sent me this link to the Taiwan News report of the China Times’ apology for barefaced lying misconstruing DPP Chairman Yu’s comments on the faux protests in Taipei:
One day after governing Democratic Progressive Party [...]

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World Economic Forum Rankings Fun

The World Economic Rankings by the Davos Forum are out again in the form of its Global Competitiveness Report, and Taiwan has fallen. Don’t worry, we’re still ahead of New Zealand, Ireland, Austria, and Korea. I’d be curious to see how many savvy Taiwanese businessmen rate their nation ahead of those four. Here’s the top [...]

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Pratas Islands National Park — Strategy for Sovereignty?

A friend of mine called to tell me that he was going to the Pratas (Tungsha) Islands for a week to make a documentary on the establishment of an Oceanic National Park there by the government of Taiwan.
First proposed several years ago, the park is there to preserve the marine life of the area:
Though [...]

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Journal of Chinese Overseas CFP

H-Asia sent this around, looks like some very interesting articles there:
H-ASIASeptember 26, 2006
Call for papers: _Journal of Chinese Overseas_ and Table of Contents ofthe journal’s Volume 2, numbers 1 and 2
From: JournalChineseOverseas
The Journal of Chinese Overseas is an internationally-refereed journal produced by the Chinese Heritage Centre in Singapore under the auspices of the International [...]

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Thai Situation in FEER

For those interested in comparing Taiwan and Thailand, the Far Eastern Economic Review hosts an in-depth review of things on its website, which does not require a subscription to access, written prior to the coup, concluding::
As such, the current impasse represents an opportunity to usher in a period of more transparent democracy, while providing [...]

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