Yikes. The Thai army just removed Thaksin today. I’m sure you all have seen the news. Apparently he was massively corrupt. Our own army here in Taiwan threatened a coup when Lee Teng-hui came to power back in the late 1980s. Things are different now? Remember the soft coup trial and the Defense Minister:

Defense Minister Lee Jye (李傑) told the Legislature on Tuesday that just after the 2004 presidential elections, he was asked in private to “feign sickness in order to achieve public disquiet,” a disclosure that suggested President Chen Shui-bian’s (陳水扁) allegation of a “soft coup d’etat” attempt by the opposition was not groundless.

Lee, then head of the Bureau of General Staff for Intelligence in the Ministry of National Defense in 2004, said on Tuesday that on March 24, 2004 — four days after Chen was reelected — he “was visited by two retired military officials who were obviously from the opposition pan-blue alliance,” said Lee.

“They asked me to claim to be sick, as (former Defense Minister) Tang Yiau-ming (湯曜明) had done,” said Lee said, recalling that Tang, then minister of defense, was at the time hospitalized with an eye disease.

But, Lee said, the two officials did not say they were representing the pan-blue presidential candidate Lien Chan (連戰) and his running mate James Soong (宋楚瑜). Lee refused to go into any further details on the grounds that the case is now in court, but his statement supported Tuesday’s front page story in the pro-independence Liberty Times, which gave details of the episode as recounted in written testimony prepared by the MND for the Taiwan High Court.

The court began a second trial Monday in a defamation suit filed by Lien and Soong against Chen over the president’s remark that there had been a “soft coup” attempt after the 2004 presidential election.

The newspaper report said that a strategic adviser visited Lee on March 24, 2004 to ask him to “fake sickness so as to be admitted to a hospital,” at a time when then-Defense Minister Tang was hospitalized with an eye disease.

The move was reportedly aimed at putting pressure on Chen’s administration, as a group of “pan-blue” supporters staged massive demonstrations in Taipei against what they called an unfair election, and demanded a recount.

The purpose of the military-Blue cooperation was to negate the legitimacy of the Chen election. Now we have Blue mobs in the streets demanding that the President step down because he is “corrupt.” A set up? Last time we had Blue mobs in the streets, we apparently had Blue offiicers cooperating with them. Hopefully the Thais won’t give the radical Blues in the military any bright ideas this time around.