Plenty of dirty laundry out there today. Believe it or not, there are other things happening besides the Shih protests:

  • Fili notes that China is peeved Israel showed support for the Beautiful Isle in the upcoming UN bid. Go Israel!
  • Taiwan pilots for Chinese planes?
  • A batty old lady drives Mark insane.
  • Wulingren finds connections between the ABC/Disney propaganda piece and things seen here on the Beautiful Isle. I like minds that make connections between the non-obvious…
  • Poagao writes on his experience of the anti-Chen campaign.
  • Naruwan Formosa is back and posting. We missed you, Bruce.
  • Hai Tien blogs on Chinese attempts to annex Korean history, and our rejected baseball team.
  • Special: Hat tip to the great Hong Kong blog Simon World for pointing me to this piece at the Jamestown Foundation on US-China military ties.