A Tainan street.

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My life: early morning in the train station

Paogao gives a pro-Blue slant on the protests, and even mounts a defense of James Soong (why?). If you get a chance, check out his Flickr account; it has some great pictures.

Dog and Man at Tai Chi

Doubting to Shuo opens its first Laowai on Laowai debate. Prince Roy fires the return salvo.

Experimenting with photos of Taichung at night. Still haven’t got it right.

Kerim gives a thoughtful point of view on the coup in Thailand

Man contemplating a river in Taichung.

The Gentle Rant goes to Turtle Island. Great account of a trip, previously published.

My life: early morning in the train station.

Pro-Blue blogger ESWN totally lost it the other day:

The Tainan Videos (09/21/2006) In Comment 200609#062, I was talking about how it was only a matter of time before the videos of the assault on the lady in the red car would appear on YouTube for the whole world to see. Here are two televised clips forwarded by Sun Bin. The current media slogan is: “The whole world is watching.” In these videos, you can watch how green supporters assaulted a female anti-Chen Shui-bian protestor in a red car. This is the sort of thing that you will find that Taipei Times and the green bloggers have little or nothing to say about, even though this is on CNN.

Fortunately, refuting ESWN is like shooting whales in a swimming pool: there were at least three articles in the Taipei Times, found in about a one minute search: Demerits given to Tainan, Kaohsiung police officials, Clashes again, Appeals for calm. Probably there were more, but I just don’t have the time to waste on his pro-Blue fantasy world.

Turning to the light, and the profoundly moving: The Foreigner pointed to these Jedi Squirrels: if you strike them down, they grow stronger….and my man Jason welcomes newborn Alec. This will mean less blogging, though. Hmmm…..