For you WWII buffs out there, this week saw the passing of Tokyo Rose…and plenty going on around the blogs…

  • Global Voices Online has a collection of Chinese-language bloggers writing on the pan-Blue marches around the country (today Shih Ming-teh brings his made for media show to Taichung). Good stuff
  • Mutantfrog fantasizes about the Beast of Ketegalen.
  • Parts three and four of Dueling Laowai, on pinyin tone marks, are up: Mark responds to Prince Roy in part 3 and Prince Roy responds to Mark.
  • Jon Benda comments on Freshman Chinese, in response to Kerim’s remarking on the problems his students have in Chinese writing.
  • David blogs on Taiwan’s amazing temples
  • MEDIA: this article by Bradsher on the madness in Taipei notes that Shih admits his supporters are mostly nationalists. I hope it lays to rest any stupid ideas that something really amazing is going on here. I’ll be blogging on it in more detail soon.
  • Got students who want to study overseas? Jen reports on the recent foreign MBA fair.