Check ‘em out!

  • Doubting to Shuo finds out that the word for swallow is the same pun in Chinese and English.
  • Jon Benda announces a call for papers for the Asian Journal of Communication special issue on internet vs. traditional media.
  • The Levitator spanks ESWN. “I admire ESWN for much of the work he’s done on China. But I see quite a bit of dishonesty in the way he runs his blog. Many others have pointed it out before.”
  • Taffy announces that Taiwanese, the new expat mag, is up and running: Taiwanease Magazine - out today!
  • Both Phai*se and Pinyin news discuss this paper out on the future decline of the Taiwanese language.
  • No link: But Chiang Kai-shek International Airport was officially renamed today. About time.
  • Despite complaints from Christian nuts, Taipei will fly the rainbow flag: Civic officials sponsoring a gay festival in Taipei, Taiwan, will hoist the rainbow flag Sept. 17 above City Hall in what they term a first for an Asian city, the Taipei Times reports.
  • Way cool: Battlepanda blogs on the regenerating primate brain.