Getting the fire going.

Yesterday I went off to a multicultural BBQ in a beautiful factory setting up in Hsinchu with friends from India, the Philippines, Taiwan, and the US at the invitation of the talented New Hampshire Bushman.

My wife and I try to keep up with demand.

Michael and I take a break from the hard business of cooking.

My daughter poses as our Taiwanese hosts converse in the background.

As we waited for the food to cook, Michael, a professional musician and recording artist who runs his own casting consortium, got out his 12 string guitar and regaled us with songs out of our misspent youth.

Saumen, a brilliant PHD student in nanotech at a local university, enjoys a laugh in the late afternoon shade. Saumen needed a laugh; his parked car was slammed into by a drunken scooter rider the other night. Bummer.