Meanwhile, now in the second week of getting a PHD down south, I’ve compiled a few observations:

1. My back hurts from riding scooters.

2. I have no trouble with the Chinese in human resource management or international marketing management. But put in me in statistics and I’m the dog in the Far Side cartoon: yak yak yak Rover yak yak yak. In my case it’s yak yak yak lambda yak yak lagrange yak yak covariance yak yak………

3. My back hurts from sitting on the train.

4. Is there a woman in Tainan who is not a babe? If so, inform me, I wish to photograph that rara avis.

5. My back hurts from sitting all day.

6. I used to love train rides, until I had to take them three times a week, two hours one-way.

7. My back hurts because I’m too old for this.

8. After sitting on scooters morning, noon, and night, I can confidently report that Taiwan’s fertility slide is due to the large number of people who ride scooters. It’s fortunate that I already have children…

9. Telepathy is necessary to function at a Taiwan university. Mystery seminar: should I be there? Nobody knows. The signs don’t have any useful information. The office doesn’t know. Where has that class been moved? Siberia, apparently.

10. Great to be a Green in a Green city.

11. Tainan has a wonderful old Taiwan feel. Not just the history, but the large number of temples, the cramped streets with the three story buildings, the crowds, the vast number of small businesses….

12. Is the men’s bathroom behind the train station there the rankest on the island? If the Chinese ever take Tainan they’ll give it back immediately when they smell that.

13. My fellow students have been completely wonderful. I can’t wait to get to know them better.