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Shih Ming-teh to die?

Rumor has it that Shih Ming-teh is dying of (liver) cancer, and wants to go out with a bang. Shih has several times hinted that this would be his last great fling with fame, seeming to imply that he would die at its termination.
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Daily Links, Sept 24, 2006

A Tainan street.
Tried the new Flock Browser today. Lotsa fun with the cool photo uploading options…
….onto the links…
My life: early morning in the train station
Paogao gives a pro-Blue slant on the protests, and even mounts a defense of James Soong (why?). If you get a chance, check out his Flickr account; it has some great [...]

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Anti-Corruption Drive Claims First Corrupt Politicians…and coup?

The comedy that is the anti-corruption drive managed to focus the limelight on Mayor Ma of Taipei and alleged misuse of municipal funds and bring down one of its own leaders yesterday. First Ma, also Chairman of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT), acknowledged there were some shenanigans with the receipts:
Ma said he adopted the [...]

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China 2011: Shock and Awe against Taiwan

A poster at Forumosa pointed me to this paper on Shock and Awe in the Chinese invasion of 2011. A fictionalized analysis of Chinese and American fighting methodologies. The abstract:
Abstract : This paper evaluates Shock and Awe through a futuristic lens. In 2011 China conducts asymmetric attacks against the United States and conventional war against [...]

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Italy urges end to arms embargo on China

No time for extensive blogging today, but did want to note this BBC report that Italy is urging an end to the arms embargo on China.
Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi says Italy favours lifting the EU’s 17-year-old ban on arms sales to China.
On a visit to Beijing, Mr Prodi said Italy “leans to lifting the [...]

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Washinton Times Editorial Leadership Redux

I blogged earlier on reports that the right-wing moonie-owned Washington Times, a consistent supporter of Taiwan, may undergo editorial upheaval. The Nation has a great article on the racist nuts who run the Times, and possible replacements.
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Cross-cultural Moments at the Uni

On Thursday when I was at the PHD school, I went up to the international students office to get my dorm assignment.
“You’ve been moved to another room,” the very cute secretary told me. “This foreigner requested an American roommate.” Arrgh! What a bizarre request, and one that doesn’t reflect well on us Yankees at all. [...]

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Hille of beans

Kathrin Hille is back with a new hit piece for the Financial Times:
As night fell yesterday, tens of thousands of protesters holding glowing sticks began circling the presidential office and residence to demand the resignation of Chen Shui-bian, Taiwan’s president, over corruption allegations.
Although observers agree the “siege” is unlikely to force Mr Chen out, the [...]

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MOFA Greets ABE with Enthusiasm

Taiwan News reports that Japanese PM Abe is felt by the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be a friend of Taiwan….
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) expressed the hope Thursday that Taiwan’s relations with Japan will further develop under the leadership of incoming Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
MOFA deputy spokesman Wang Chien-yeh [...]

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Stalking the Wild PHD

See that activity to the left? I’m bidding it good-bye for a while.
I’m doing a PHD down in Tainan, commuting a couple of days a week. Hence on Monday I rose at the ungodly hour of 5:00 am, drove madly to train station on my new scooter, got on the train at 6:00, got to [...]

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Chen corrupt = Coup?

Yikes. The Thai army just removed Thaksin today. I’m sure you all have seen the news. Apparently he was massively corrupt. Our own army here in Taiwan threatened a coup when Lee Teng-hui came to power back in the late 1980s. Things are different now? Remember the soft coup trial and the Defense Minister:
Defense Minister [...]

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Peter Huston’s Asian Skeptic Site

I’ve been conversing with Peter Huston on H-Asia, and found that he has a really cool skeptic page on things Asian, including articles on Chinese chi theories, crime gangs, messianic cults, and other interesting stuff.
[Taiwan] [China]
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China threat: Overblown

Columnist Tom Plate discusses the China threat:
But there’s enough to worry about right now without them, said Wu. Due to their goose-stepping military-modernization and arms buildup, the Chinese are scaring just about everyone in Asia. Even the powerful Japanese are frightened by the Chinese buildup — “I could clearly sense their nervousness,” he said — [...]

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Japan Effectively Upgrades Links With Taiwan

Jim in Japan points out this report in the Daily Yomiuri:
An internal Foreign Ministry rule that only allows government officials ranking below division-chief level to visit Taiwan in an official capacity, has been reduced to a mere formality since Senior Vice Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Mitsuhiro Miyakoshi visited Taiwan in mid-August.
The rule, which has [...]

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Congrats to Wandering to Tamshui!

Congrats to Jason at Wandering to Tamshui, whose nine-month family expansion plan resulted in a 50% growth in family size, in the form of son Alec, born appropriately on Sept 16, a pro-Green demonstration day! Good luck with the new baby!
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