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All Shih, all the time

My apologies for all the politics — the rain and a busy schedule has cut into my ability to get out and visit things and bring back lots of nice pics. Instead, it’s been all Shih, all the time, here at the View. But normal life resumes tomorrow — my job at the university resumes [...]

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ESWN on Taiwan Marches

ESWN comments on the protests:
For the 9/15 march in Taipei, the issue was reduced to anti-corruption in Taiwan, which is embodied by the current president Chen Shui-bian. While Chen and his wife have been implicated but not yet convicted of any specific crimes of corruption, many people around him (such as his Deputy Secretary [...]

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New blogs on the roll

I’ve been slowly updating my blogroll. Added a number of blogs, including Chez Wang, a great blog on things Taiwan.
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Winners, Losers, huge crowds turn out for Chen

Huge crowds turned out for the pro-government demonstration yesterday.

An estimated 150,000 people crowded into Ketegalan Boulevard and Chungshan South Road to “stand up for Taiwan” yesterday afternoon in a “Love, Hope and Formosa Sunrise” rally sponsored by the pro-independence Taiwan Society and backed by the governing Democratic Progressive Party.
Taiwan Society Secretary-General Yang Wen-chia (楊文嘉) [...]

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Kos Diary…

I went for a hike in the hills in the wake of the typhoon, which only brought a little rain our way. No critters to show for the walk, more’s the pity. But I did diary at Kos today on the international media and the protests in Taiwan. Enjoy.
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Protests in Taipei Go Off Peacefully

Taiwan News reports on the massive protest in Taipei yesterday:

The “Million Voices Against Corruption” campaign led by Shih began a week-long protest last Saturday and its leaders have vowed to continue until they achieve their goal.
The aim of the demonstration, said one protester yesterday, is to force Chen to “leave Taiwan alone” by relinquishing his [...]

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Taichung at dusk. Bought a scooter this week — drive by shooting is easier than ever.
One of the joys of living where we live, next to a major forested hillside, is the constant presence of actual wild animals in our lives. We have a large gray snake of the harmless, vermin-eating variety who lives somewhere [...]

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Violence and Red Guards in Taipei

Well, as I feared, the bad news keeps rolling out of the faux “people’s protest” in Taipei. Taiwan News reports that gangs are already. hard at work among the crowd:

The CIB and the city’s police authority have been extremely cautious in their plans for keeping the upcoming parade under control. Local media disclosed that members [...]

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Daily Links, Sept 13, 2006

Plenty of dirty laundry out there today. Believe it or not, there are other things happening besides the Shih protests:

Fili notes that China is peeved Israel showed support for the Beautiful Isle in the upcoming UN bid. Go Israel!
Taiwan pilots for Chinese planes?
A batty old lady drives Mark insane.
Wulingren finds connections between the ABC/Disney propaganda [...]

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Ancient Ship not Found Yet

A China Post article points to an interesting possible discovery:
An undersea search led by an eminent French archaeologist yesterday turned up dozens of scraps of china and pottery in the harbor of Makung, capital of Penghu (the Pescadores), but did not find a ship that’s believed to have sunk there a long time ago. Dr. [...]

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Washington Times Editor to Change?

Just so we’re not all Shih, all the time, here, Jason at Wandering to Tamshui clued me in that the British Magazine Prospect is reporting that the Washington Times may be in for big changes…
The Republican right may be losing its most devoted media ally. The Washington Times editor-in-chief Wes [...]

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Jane Rickards at WaPo on anti-Chen protests

Jane Rickards had an appallingly slanted article in the Washington Post today. Jason at Wandering to Tamshui has the call:
Sadly, this article is one of many cookie-cutter pieces designed to “fit” a narrative that editors seem to have already written: the “Mad Chen”, frustrated by his inability to plunge Taiwan into a war of independence [...]

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Lung Ying-tai in the Online Daily Yomiuri

Mainlander democracy writer Lung Ying-tai is discussed in a rambling article in the online edition of the Daily Yomiuri:
Lung is a descendant of people who moved to Taiwan from the Chinese mainland together with the Nationalist Party when it lost a civil war against the communists. She has been critical of the pro-independence stance of [...]

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The Politics of Fifth Grade and the Politics of Taiwan

The tragedy of this situation lies in the fact that the parents undoubtedly had the best of intentions; from the very beginning, they wanted their children to be good, responsive, well-behaved, agreeable, undemanding, considerate, unselfish, self-controlled, grateful, neither willful nor headstrong, nor defiant, and above all meek. They wanted to inculcate these values in their [...]

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AFP: Reduced turnout on second day….

Agence France Press has an interesting article out today on the made-for-media event taking place in Taipei.
Around 3,000 demonstrators braved the cold and rain overnight in the Taiwanese capital, some of them sleeping rough on the streets, as they sought to maintain pressure on Chen, who has been dogged by allegations of corruption.
But, as the [...]

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