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Custom Taiwan Politics Search

Jerome and David yakking at a Swenson’s meetup earlier this year.
Having served out his five-year sentence, David of Jujuflop left Taiwan, vanished into the maw of Google and has not been seen for months. Now he has emerged to construct a Google Co-op Taiwan Politics search that searches the major politics blogs and websites on [...]

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Sausage II

I guess am starting a series on sausages available in Taiwan, a reader sent me this link to a South African sausage lover who is making life on the Beautiful Island tastier with every link.
[Taiwan] [sausage]
Related PostsDaily Links, Aug 28, 2006Lots of stuff flowing out of the Taiwan blogs today…Wulingren blogs on a sneaky marketing [...]

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Beeb 2000-6 Taiwan Timeline: Problems.

STOP_MA and Maddog have been pointing out lately that the BBC Taiwan timeline for 2000-6 has some pretty powerful pro-Blue biases (the Taiwan history Timeline isn’t too bad). I thought I’d take a look…..(BBC timeline in bold).
BBC TIMELINE OF TAIWAN AS OF OCT 31, 2006Timeline: Taiwan2000 March - Chen Shui-bian wins presidential elections, ending the [...]

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Taichung to get World Class Opera House

Do fiscal crises drive extravagant spending, or do they just highlight it? Earlier this year the Taichung county government, flat broke, petitioned the central government for permission to increase dredging in local rivers so it could sell the gravel for a few dollars. Here in the small Taichung county town where I live the speed [...]

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Taiwan Matters: Arms Purchase Stuff

Again, if you haven’t read Feiren’s excellent post yesterday on AIT Chairman Steve Young’s blunt criticism of Blue obstructionism on the arms purchase over at Taiwan Matters, you need to. Feiren writes:

Crystal clear. End of strategic ambiguity. Finally someone in the US administration who understands that what we need is clarity, not obfuscation. Tellingly, Ma [...]

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Daze in the Life

A few scenes from a life. Enjoying one of Taiwan’s most interesting flowers.

I spend a lot of time hanging out with the undergrads during the Coffee Corner program the university offers to give students the chance to practice their English with a living breathing foreigner. Here are Terry and Herbert, two of the students helping [...]

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Black Bridge Sausage: Yum

Tired of eating those cloying Chinese sausages with chunks of fat in them like icebergs in the North Atlantic? To my great delight, this year Black Bridge came out with two new western-style sausages, a pork “bockwurst” and a pork-and-cheese bockwurst. The flavor is a lot more like what we used to get at [...]

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Taiwan in the Media

There’s some meaty stuff in the international media about Taiwan:

The BBC’s Caroline Gluck turns in an excellent piece on the plight of AIDS victims on the Beautiful Isle, also in the news recently here. Meanwhile, is the BBC slanted Blue? Well, it calls the assassination attempt on Chen by a pro-Blue whackjob an “apparent assassination” [...]

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Incinerate Hau with Accusations of Corruption

*Yawn* The DPP assault on KMT Taipei Mayoral hopeful Hau lung-bin has gotten into gear with accusations that Hau approved illegal incinerator construction by the Japanese firm Mitsubishi when he was head of the EPA in 2002. Taiwan has scores of incinerators, and many are either illegal, or operate illegally. Beginning in 1981, the government [...]

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Brass Monkey English Language Night

My friend Joyce Tsai forwarded this ad to me for the Brass Monkey’s English Language Night tonight:


The Brass Monkey
English Language Night this Sunday Oct. 29 at 6:00 PM
October 29, 2006
The Brass Monkey’s language program continues this month! If you want to practice English or Chinese in a fun environment, this [...]

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ELT Journal 1981-2004 CD ROM offer

QBOOK, a publishing company I work for, dropped this in my mailbox:
感謝您對 Q書買賣網 的支持與鼓勵; 茲附上敝公司網頁 ,請教授點閱參照。本公司獨家所代理之 ELT Journal on CD-ROM (1981~2004),將有助於教授您來從事研究。
特色:With the CD-ROM you canUse the complete listing of authors and titles to go straight to a known article. [...]

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Daily Links, Oct 28, 2006

Had one of those days. Get in line behind the woman talking on the pay phone. Yak. Yak. Yak. Wait. Wait. Wait. Yak. Yak. Yak. Wait. Wait. Wait. Suddenly I realize: she’s not talking on the payphone. She’s standing in front of the pay phone, talking on her cellphone. Fortunately not everyone is as slow [...]

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Peking Duck at Anti-US protest in Taipei

Richard of the Peking Duck had a surreal Friday morn in downtown Taipei as he bumped into a protest against the US weapons purchase.
So the cameras are going out of their way to keep taping me as I take my pictures. And suddenly, a geezer in a straw hat wielding a large sign starts screaming [...]

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Soong and Shih together at last

I’ve been speculating for a while now that Shih Ming-teh, the former DPP Chairman who switched sides in 2001 and led a pro-Blue demonstration in recent weeks to try and force out President Chen Shui-bian, is a tool of James Soong, the chairman of the People First Party (PFP). This week Shih switched from [...]

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Wild at Heart: Great Article on Raptor Killing in Taiwan

Wild at Heart, the environmental organization, has a great article on raptor killings in Taiwan this week.
Media reports of possibly thousands of Grey-faced Buzzard Eagle and smaller numbers of other raptors being hunted during the recent September-October migration period in the Southern Taiwan, Kenting National Park area are worrying. Once again, there is a need [...]

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