Big Ell is back, with two very funny posts….

  • Fabulous Formosa
  • “….When I first became a father in Taiwan I wondered how I would be able to live vicariously through my daughter. Without many traditional sports I feared that I would have to focus on academics. I was getting ready to force my daughter into 10-12 hour school days. I was also preparing to threaten teachers and bribe officials to make sure she gets the top grades and dominates in the Social Darwin like classrooms in Taiwan. Then this whole Competitive Baby Games thing sort of fell into my lap…”

  • Life and Times of Big Ell
  • Big Ell returns to the land of Supersize:

    “It was nice to see that Burger King has ditched the whole health food kick and added a burger called a BK stacker with single, double, triple and quadruple paddies. Stackers also have cheese, bacon and some kind of 1000 island sauce and NO vegetables. Heart stopping goodness in every bite.”