Feiren at Taiwan Matters has the call:

President Chen’s wife has been clearedin the Sogo vouchers case. Investigators found that she did accept NT$5 million in gift vouchers from a third party but that there was no evidence showing that she did so in return for help in a management struggle at Taiwan’s most famed department store. As a result, prosecutors have not indicted her. One of the biggest wheels on the corruption allegations against Chen has just come off. Still the appearance of impropriety remains strong.

Who was the third party? What was the intention in giving all those vouchers?

What will the Blues do now? Their leaders have either admitted improprieties (Ma) or been convicted (Soong) or have associations with a notorious embezzler (Shih). It’s a good thing they are against corruption; I’d hate to think what they’d be like if they supported it. The Bloomberg report linked by Feiren above, which is quite slanted, has the call:

“Our movement will likely gather momentum,” said Jerry Fan, a spokesman for a campaign to oust Chen, after the prosecutors’ decision was announced. “The judicial system can’t live up to people’s expectations.”

They are never going to give up. If they are still demonstrating come the 2007 elections, this could seriously backfire on the Blues.