I’m still processing everything from that ridiculous “red ant” spectacle up in Taipei yesterday, but I thought I’d get a few links up…

My man STOP_MA has a small collection of photos online here. And he started an online Resign Ma petition.

ESWN blogs on the “how many attended” issue. Many people around the net have commented on the insane Hong Kong newspapers that Roland put up: claiming that 1.5 million people attended the pro-Blue protests. [howls with laughter].

There’s video of the madness here, but I can’t get it to work. Good luck. STOP_MA has more video here.

Also on ESWN is the letter from Teresa Shih to her father, Shih Ming-teh, pinpointing the fact that many of us have bemoaned: the complete lack of positive values associated with his campaign to bring down the President. It offers nothing for Taiwan.

Taiwan News editorializes that the big loser from yesterday was Wang Jin-pyng:

But Tuesday’s biggest loser was KMT Legislative Yuan Speaker Wang Jin-pyng, whose firm guarantees that the pan-blue parties would not disrupt the National Day rally persuaded the Presidential Office to permit the event. However, Wang’s guarantees and his own political credibility were left in tatters by the antics of 30 red-shirtted KMT and PFP lawmakers who used the uni-dimensional dress code, gesture, slogan and banners of the “Depose Chen” protesters to disrupt Chen’s address in front of a global audience.

…and also says the big winner was Chen. Looks to me like the big loser was Ma, who took a hit from all the disorder, and for permitting an illegal demonstration in Taipei — Shih Ming-teh had demonstrated his total contempt for Ma by not even bothering to apply for a permit to hold a demonstration. And Ma did nothing. Getting Ma to take a position is like trying to get a mound of custard to hold a shape. Meanwhile at the demonstration yesterday Shih thumbed his nose at Ma all day long, constantly changing direction and completely fouling up the city’s traffic, triggering more complaints from Mayor Whiner. No wonder spectator sports are so undeveloped here: with politics like this, who needs bread and circuses?

Random notes: Today Taipei Mayor and KMT Chairman Ma Ying-jeou was whining that “Why does this stuff always happen in Taipei?” Hint: its because you’re an invertebrate, Mayor Ma. Wulingren reports that Wang Yu-cheng, he of the Funeral Food Fakery, (which ESWN has here, prefaced with one of his usual hacks on Taiwan’s democracy), is running for office under the PFP banner. The “anti-corruption” PFP, whose leader is Taiwan’s biggest tax evader, once again hands us a quality candidate with a spotless resume. Thanks, guys.