QBOOK, a publishing company I work for, dropped this in my mailbox:



感謝您對 Q書買賣網 的支持與鼓勵; 茲附上敝公司網頁 http://qbook.com.tw ,請教授點閱參照。本公司獨家所代理之 ELT Journal on CD-ROM (1981~2004),將有助於教授您來從事研究。

With the CD-ROM you can
Use the complete listing of authors and titles to go straight to a known article. Search with one click through the entire contents of the CD-ROM to find every occurrence of any key word you choose. Use the contents page of each issue to get an overview of current topics. Print out complete articles or selected parts for your personal use. Paste quotations from the text directly into your own work.

個人使用版: NT$ 3,300
Available only to individuals for their personal use on a single machine.
機構單機版: NT$ 6,700
Available for use within institutions on a single designated machine.
機構公播版: NT$ 23,000
This covers use on a wide area network which is configured to allow only one user at a time to access the material.

請不吝指教 ,推介採用,謝謝 !!


研安 !