As if the pay version of Apple Daily isn’t disgusting enough, Taiwan’s media environment is going to take another blow with Hong Kong Chinese Jimmy Lai’s decision to launch a free version of the tabloid Apple Daily for the metro:

According to report by TVBS in Taiwan, Next Media, a Hong Kong-based media tycoon decides launch a toll-free tabloid in Taipei in this month. Jimmy Lai, boss of Next Media sold 12.07 % share of the company, decide put 3.3 billion New Taiwan Dollars on scrabble for the daily newspaper market in Taiwan.

When you take metro in Taipei, you may get Metro Edition of United Daily News or China Times, two of most popular newspaper in Taiwan, these papers were toll-free. When Next Media decide publish Metro Edition of Apple Daily, the news is no less than a hard blow for 2 newspapers above.

Lai behaves ambitiously these days. He assume personal command in Taipei recently , in order to the come out of new toll-free tabloid.

Just what we need: more sensationalizing, more gossip, and more fiction, and more foreign-owned, pro-Blue media mouthpieces. *sigh*