Feiren notes its Requiem for the Red Shirts:

This morning’s edition of the China Times ran a series of articles and op-ed pieces announcing the end of Shih Ming-teh’s ill-fated, misguided, and self-serving movement to oust President Chen. Zhongshan precinct has revoked demonstration permits for the next two weeks, Shih has apologized to his followers for miscommunications and generally, and the protestors have been told to go home for the next two weeks. The next rally is planned for whenever the investigation into Chen’s management of a secret slush fund concludes. I wouldn’t be holding my breath if I was a protestor.

I’ve taken a quick look at the BBC’s coverage of the October Reprise of the Shih Campaign:

The reason for BBC’s astonishing and unblushing pro-Blue stance may lie reside in the fact that the BBC’s local partner is the cable news channel CTI, which is profoundly pro-Blue, and has been showing the protests 24/7 on its channel. CTI was purchased by the China Times, the local KMT Chinese-language paper, in 2002. Whatever the reason, it is absolutely unacceptable that a major international media organization has become so biased.