After posting below on Soong….today it was Soong who disrupted the President’s speech. Thanks for the rebuke, America:

The protestation of People First Party (PFP) legislators led by chairman James Soong at the National Day rally this morning had not only marred the festivity of the event but also amazed foreign guests who were on the reviewing stand.

Stephen Young, director of the Taipei Office, American Institute in Taiwan, when asked about his reaction to the commotion caused by the PFP members, responded in asking the reporters back “should we all be polite to each other?” He also asked the reporters to ask James Soong for an explanation on his action.

Soong and the PFP legislators shouted while President Chen Shui-bian was delivering his speech before the mass at the rally. They also came down from the reviewing stand to disrupt the performance of the honor guard.

Young said it is the practice of democratic countries to wait for the decision of the court before laying blame on the president for any wrong he had committed. The AIT’s attitude, he said, is to call for a peaceful settlement of the dispute.

Is Soong trying to look “strong” as opposed to the weak and vacillating Ma?