October 7, 2006

Taiwan Women Winter Camp, Boston, Dec. 2006

From: Yu-Ling Huang <yhuang2@binghamton.edu>

2006 Taiwan Women Winter Camp in Boston 12/28-31
Our bodies, Ourselves: Gender, Sexuality, and Body Politics


This year’s Taiwan Women Winter Camp will be held in Boston on 12/28-31. Taiwan Women is a network founded in 1995 to facilitate communication and co-operation among Taiwanese women studying or living abroad who are interested in gender issues and current situation of Taiwanese women. By discussing gender-related issues and sharing our experiences, we hope to cultivate a channel of female voices. We hope to strengthen the solidarity of our sisterhood so we may combat gender inequality and succeed in shaping a new beautiful Taiwanese society!

Our 2006 winter camp will be held on December 28-31 in Boston. Our theme this year is “Our bodies, Ourselves: Gender, Sexuality, and Body Politics. We will explore the various myths, power relations, and social dynamics constructed around our bodies. Potential panel topics include women and childbirth, abortion, sex work, body and sexuality, transgenderism, queer discourse, body and aesthetics, body and work, and media representation of bodies, etc. You may choose any form of presentation that best suits your topic. As for the panel time, we offer panelists one hour for a presentation followed by discussions, though sections of film screening or interactive workshop are more flexible.

We sincerely invite you to be our panelist to share with us your stories, experience, and expertise on the complexity of gender, sexuality, and body politics. In addition to this year’s camp theme, panel topics related to any aspects of gender are also encouraged. Panel contributors will enjoy free 4-day camp registration and free accommodation.

**If you are interested, please send us a one-page panel topic description, including a brief bio by late October to one of the program committees listed

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in Boston!

Sincerely yours,
Program Committee of 2006 Taiwan Women Winter Camp

Wei-Ching Wang
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Yi-Ling Hung
Email: yiling1107@yahoo.com.tw
Yu-Ling Huang
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