Turning from the odious and depressing world of Taiwan politics, [IN]Xing is drumming today:


Dear friends,

[IN] Xing Theatre Company is happy to announce an introduction to African percussion workshop which will be held this coming Sunday, November 5th at The Grooveyard, in Taichung City .

The workshop, led by Victor Garnier, will offer an introduction to African percussion, and will be focusing on traditional rhythms from the West African Coast. Some of the work proposed will include history, cultural background and evolution of the music in that part of the world, as well as some beginner’s rhythms. This event is designed as a first approach to the playing of the djembe, no musical experience at all required.

The workshop will run from 3PM TO 6PM, and you can sign up in advance calling Roger (0932506904, he speaks Chinese) or Patrick (0939574737, English only). Please sign up at least 24 hours in advance, as the organization will try to find instruments for all the attendants. Please bring comfortable clothes that don’t constrain your ability to move and exercise, and try to avoid skirts and jeans. Bring also a happy spirit and you will to learn with the group.

You will find more details on the workshop outline attached to this e-mail. The announcement is also posted on our website, www.macwac.com, feel free to check it out.

Looking forward to see you all there and have some fun together.


N】Xing Theatre Company / MACWAC Productions Ltd.

Jodie LEE





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