I can’t remember whether I blogged here or not, but one thing I and many others have noticed since the beginning of the Shih Ming-teh mess was decline in the sales of the pro-Blue newspapers like the United Daily News and China Times, pro-Blue tabloids like Apple Daily, and growth in the pro-Green Liberty Times. My evidence was entirely anecdotal and personal, but ESWN has the numbers up on his website, citing the Liberty Times itself: apparently Liberty Times is now number 1 in Taiwan again.

- Liberty Times: 16.3% (2.81 million persons)
- Apple Daily: 13.5% (2.33 million persons)
- United Daily News: 9.6% (1.65 million persons)
- China Times: 8.7% (1.49 million persons)

Collectively, of course, the pro-Blue papers outsell the pro-Green (a pro-Green newspaper shut down earlier this year, so the numbers may simply reflect switching from one paper to the other. ESWN has also pointed out that the Liberty Times games the survey system to change things in its favor).