I don’t often blog on blogging — if blogging is a form of mental masturbation, then blogging about blogging is surely a kind of self-absorbed pornography — but the excellent interlocals.net, which does translations from all over the world, had a link to this set of papers on the theories and practices of blogging. Those of you expats who blog, what do ya think of this comment?

<7> The same is true for the expatriate blogger. In order for the blog topics to remain compelling for the reader, I would argue that the blogger must not get too close or assimilate too deeply to the adopted culture. Everything depends on the blogger’s ability to stand back and comment on what they see in such a way that they are still able to present it as interesting and fresh for their readers, and perhaps, by so doing, understanding and making the new experience part of themselves. Once blogged, the experience can be absorbed into the Self, which is always already in the process of comglomeration and transformation.

This is not a position that I agree with at all. Great blogging also comes from people who are deeply assimilated and knowledgeable about the local culture, knowledgeable about the world outside their country of residence, and able to navigate in the murky waters between their multiple and uneasily jostling side-by-side perspectives.

Interesting stuff there in that article. Hat tip to Kerim for reminding me about interlocals.