Planning a crime? Don’t pee here!

December 7, a day that will live in infamy. Lots of blogging out there.

  • Several blogs complained about BenQ’s insensitive ad that exploits the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. The Taipei Kid has the call.
  • Sean Reilly has a sardonic and informative article on Taiwan’s prehistory and modern political claims.
  • Poagao writes poignantly on the old amusement park in Bitan.
  • Taiwan Matters debates What Does Soong want? Wulingren has the latest installment.
  • Scott Sommers ponders the disappearing foreign teacher program in local schools. Announced with so much fanfare years ago, slowly attenuating
  • Patrick Cowsill has some great posts on aborigines
  • Kinship in Chinese culture? Jon Benda muses
  • Todd at the Daily Bubble Tea aptly describes the Shida Language program
  • Jerome predicts Shih Ming-teh will be busted living the high life. And muses on discontent in Taiwan in part I and part II.
  • Pinyin info blogs on signage snafus in Taichung. Welcome to central Taiwan…..
  • What’s up in Taiwan podcasts Robin Erik Ruizendaal, the Administrator of the Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum.
  • The Levitator is gone. Sadly. Come write for us at Taiwan Matters! Battphotos is back photoblogging. Andres has some drop dead great photos. Don’t miss’em. Greg at Kaoliang hangover also has take-me-back photos of Taiwan.