Here we are with the NEW MAYOR OF KAOHSIUNG! Goooooooooo Chen Chu!

How much do the pre-election polls here suck? Mega. Only the Liberty Times nailed it. Good for them! Chen Chu squeaked in by 1,000 votes, and is now the DPP mayor of Kaohsiung! TAI HAO!

Since Taipei was a foregone conclusion, and pundits insist on seeing the election as a vote on Chen Shui-bian — they can eat this: the silent majority has spoken.

Can’t wait to see how the international media spins this one. And Soong had to bite it in Taipei too, picking up about 50,000 votes — couldn’t even hit 5% in the Bluest city in Taiwan. The Blue electorate refused to split the vote. Next week on the blogs and in the papers: Is Soong Finished? And just wait ’til the whispering starts against Ma Ying-jeou. More calls for Lien Chan to run in ‘08, I’ll wager.

Tawk among yourselves. I’m off to celebrate.